What is Alpaca Wool Called? How You Benefit from Alpaca Wool

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Who does not want any fabric of soft, silk, and hypo-allergenic features? Are you one of the users of Alpaca Wool Clothing? Let’s know what is alpaca wool?

What is Alpaca Wool?

Alpaca wool refers to the wool type where fibers naturally get enough benefits from growing on alpacas. Being native to the region of South America, this wool fabric has links with two specific breeds of animals named Huacaya and the Suri Alpaca.

Alpaca Wool

However, the wool fiber from these Alpacas tends to be both heavy and light. These features depend on the spun that is ideal for any garment. Considering its durability, and softness, Alpaca wool fabric is more breathable than anything else. The benefits of this fabric are that you use it in making designer clothes, any kind of Alpaca wool jacket, socks, gloves, and winter clothes!

What is Alpaca Wool Fabric Made of?

From the above discussion, it is evident that the composition of the fabric is well-dependent on the fibers that come from Huacaya and the Suri Alpacas’ coats.

Alpaca Wool making process
Alpaca Wool making process

The making of this Alpaca wool fabric is a bit lengthy. From Alpaca shearing using scissors to get them on carding to proceed the individual combing and getting them spun into yarn to wash them for removing any impurities, the overall manufacture of this fabric ends up in washing and air-drying.  

Characteristics Alpaca Wool

Some of the properties become special when it is to alpaca wool. They are given as follows:

Specialty of Alpaca Wool
Specialty of Alpaca Wool

1. Breathability

The fabric breathability of this wool is high!

2. The Ability of Moisture-Wicking

Moisture-wicking abilities are high in the case of this wool.

3. The Heat Retention Capability

The wool is highly capable of heat retention.

4. Stretchability

This fabric tends to be stretchable in the medium version.

5. Prone to Pilling

The rate of the fabric wool is medium in prone to pilling.

Alpaca wool vs Sheep Wool Vs Merino Wool

If you are thinking about choosing the best fabric out of these 3 wool-Alpaca, sheep, and merino, let us remind you that it completely depends on your preference! Not only does each of the wool have unique quality but also 3 of them are highly beneficial.

Alpaca wool vs Sheep Wool Vs Merino Wool
Alpaca wool vs Sheep Wool Vs Merino Wool

While starting with the Alpaca one, it is well known to all of you that it is warm enough to be durable. It is also lightweight and a popular choice for any cold-like climate. The hypoallergenic feature makes it less itchy compared to any wool.

Meanwhile, we have this sheep wool that is versatile in nature because of its compatible use in clothing. From summer carves to winter coats, this sheep wool fabric comes at an affordable price and has high texture and quality.

On the other hand, the third wool of the discussion is Merino wool. If you compare this wool with sheep one, you see that the softness and breathability are higher. Higher even from the alpaca wool. But you may not use them in making winter clothes. As these merino wools are completely for making athletic clothing and any kind of outdoor wear clothes.

Key Benefits of Using Alpaca Wool Fabric

Benefits are wide-ranging in the case of this specific fabric of Alpaca wool. For instance:

  1. The fabric is warm and suitable for colder climates.
  2. Feels incredibly soft on the skin.
  3. A great purchase for any user with sensitive skin.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Easy to carry and move around in.
  6. Naturally hypoallergenic.
  7. Does not cause any irritation or skin allergies.
  8. Eco-friendly
Alpaca Wool
Alpaca Wool

Apart from the discussion on benefits, it is also wise to think about the other side of the coin. Alpacas tend to be a little bit more expensive. Price is a variable component as the quality matters!


Where can I get Alpaca Wool Fabric Wholesale?

What kind of alpaca wool type you want depends on the product availability. Explore the following wholesalers where this fabric is widely reachable to purchase. These are:
Peru Alpaca Yarn and Textile (Peru is the origin country of Alpaca) and The Alpaca Yarn Company.

Is Alpaca Wool Worth Purchasing?

Keep aside its benefits and think of the long-term plan! Don’t you want a fabric that is a sustainable alternative for you? One of the luxuries that you can ever own is none other than Alpaca. This is what makes alpacas desirable to customers like you across borders.

The Bottom Line

The hypoallergenic feature mostly denotes the alpaca wool and benefits you from the fabric. If you are one of those people who love to knit, this wool fabric is elastic enough to make your knitting easier. The wavy appearance is surely worth purchasing for weaving as well. If this article encourages you to buy one fabric, why not try something luxurious like this alpaca fiber?

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