12 Different Types of Abaya Styles with Pictures

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Abayas are long, loose-fitting robes that are worn by Muslim women all over the world. They are a symbol of modesty and faith, and they can be worn in a variety of different styles. In this article, we will discuss about 12 different types of abaya styles with pictures.

12 Different Types of Abaya Styles with Pictures

Here are 12 different types of abaya styles with pictures:

1. Open Abaya

Although an open abaya is different from the standard one, the styles of open abaya make it wearable for any event. The versatility of Open Abaya promotes its extensive range of uses in on-trend modest fashion for women.

Figure: Open Abaya
Figure: Open Abaya Styles

How to wear an Open Abaya?

When it is about wearing an Abaya with an opening part at the front side, the abaya ultimately shows the inner dress you wear underneath. In that case, the inner dress must be modest and of premium quality that aligns with the style of the open abaya. Also, you can pair up a belt to hold the abaya in its place.

What to wear under Open Abayas?

A pair of patterned pants or jeans can be flexible enough to allow you to style the open abaya as you want. Not only do they cover your entire legs but also provide you the freedom of movement with flexibility and modesty.

2. Luxury Abaya

One of the most embellished modest fashion essentials is nothing other than Luxury Abaya. Usually elegant shades, luxurious garments, and enriched colors, brown contribute to making a luxury abaya.

Figure: Luxury Abaya
Figure: Luxury Abaya Styles

Which color would be suitable for a Luxury Abaya?

The luxury abaya covers a wide range of color options. These color options help you pull off the modest ensemble within your range. The popular shades are: Black, brown, blue, grey, yellow, white, Mauve, and nude or light-shaded.

What makes a Luxury Abaya beautiful?

Luxury abaya is beautiful for a number of reasons. First of all, of course, there is a luxury essential included in the luxury abaya. The material or fabric, used in a luxury abaya, must have to be comfortable, elegant, and compatible with high fashion. Usually Cotton, Velvet Nidha, and Polyester are some popular fabrics in that case. Always remember whether a luxurious abaya makes you comfortable all day long and whether it is interchangeable in seasonal changes.

3. Plus Size Abaya

Unlike any Abaya, a plus-size abaya is a traditional and elegant modest dress that Muslim women wear. Plus size abaya usually tends to be a loose long dress that covers the entire body featuring curvy designs, pocked-based abaya in elegant colors.

Figure: Plus Size Abaya
Figure: Plus Size Abaya Styles

What is the specific color available for Plus Size Abaya?

Plus size abaya is mostly available in navy blue, mauve, nude, chocolate, maroon, and powder pink colors featuring all the important beads and all.

4. Wedding Abaya

Among all types of abayas, wedding abayas sought to be short and complex patterned in nature. They come in a variety of lengths, making them suitable for brides of all ages to wear with proper care.

Figure: Wedding Abaya
Figure: Wedding Abaya Styles

What is Abaya in Wedding?

Abaya in Wedding or Wedding Abaya is a short-length Abaya that comes in a special design like embroidered versions and silk fabrics. However, abayas in weddings do come in different designs like embroidered abayas and floral types as well.

What is the recent trend in Wedding Abayas?

The recent trends of Abayas cover two different aspects. One of them is that the wedding abaya must be suitable for any bride. Another type is a wedding abaya is easily wearable in all situations. Customization is available depending on size, color, type, and other facilities.

5. Dubai Abaya

Dubai Abaya is a traditional garment for Muslim Women based in the Middle East, parts of Saudi Arabia, Maghreb, and Countries of the Persian Gulf location. Dubai Abaya has become one of the leading flagship garments for women.

Figure: Dubai Abaya
Figure: Dubai Abaya Styles

What is the fabric of Dubai Abaya?

The fabric of the Dubai abaya must have to be noble, oriental dress, and high-quality fabric. The advantage of Dubai abaya is that the abaya seems to be light, opaque in nature, and fluid with a silky effect.

What is the Specialty of Dubai Abaya?

The Dubai Abaya is special due to its fluid and full comfort-giving effort. Due to the light fabric, the Dubai abaya tends to have an aerial effect.

6. Turkish Abaya

Turkish Abayas mostly tend to be elegant due to their manufacturing with the finest materials out there. Turkish abaya is a loosed dress as well as an overgarment outfit sourced from the region of the Middle East.

Figure: Turkish Abaya
Figure: Turkish Abaya Styles

How to choose a Turkish Abaya in a proper way?

Turkish abaya offers quality, a credible size guide, and fabric type with the sleeve length. The size depends on your height. Small, medium, to large sizes, are considerable in wearing a Turkish baya. It is always better to get Turkish abaya in heavy cotton for the winter season only.

7. Silk Abaya

Silk Abaya is not only an Islamic clothing but also a reliable fashion choice for women. Their modest version makes it wearable for all occasions and festivities.

Figure: Silk Abaya
Figure: Silk Abaya Styles

How Is Silk As a Material for Abaya?

Silk fabric is lustrous among other types of fabrics. Based on the design of the silk, silk abaya, and silk robes these are well-made for different occasions and festivals. Silk is also wearable for both men and women due to its beauty.

8. Chiffon Abaya

Chiffon abaya is nothing but a casually long-sleeve chiffon abaya embodied with a high-quality print version. There are different ranges of chiffon abaya, for instance, floral printed loose abaya, chiffon abaya with laces, chiffon abaya in solid color, V neck designs, ruffle designs, and all.

Figure: Chiffon Abaya
Figure: Chiffon Abaya Styles

How to Wear a Chiffon Abaya?

Chiffon abaya is an elegant and advanced ready-made edge to any collection. The silhouette usually gets crafted from the lightweight range of chiffon with V or kimono necklines. Sleeves depend on the users and can be sleeveless designs or voluminous bell sleeves. The Chiffon abaya is wearable and coordinated with an inner belt. Pairing up is easy in a chiffon abaya with flat sandals that are also switchable to heels in the later part of the day, in the evening.

9. Cotton Abaya

One of the most readily available ranges of abaya is nothing other than Cotton abayas. Since cotton is a home-grown produced fabric, cotton abayas are available in the largest variety with major designs.

Figure: Cotton Abaya
Figure: Cotton Abaya Styles

How can you embellish a Cotton Abaya?

A Cotton Abaya is pairable and has an embellished version with matching jewelry as well as shoes. They are a comfortable choice for both indoor and outdoor wear. Wear any belt with a cotton abaya to make it more ecstatic. Pairing a simple cotton abaya is also easy if you match or contrast it with a hijab.

10. Satin Abaya

Satin Abayas are a well-designed form of abayas due to their material making them more comfortable, soft, and breathable for women. Not only satin abayas help you to keep the body moderated and moisture-wicking.

How to Style a Satin Abaya?

If you have already selected satin abayas, it becomes necessary for you to keep the fabric unharmed or intact. Because the fabric is soft enough to get destroyed easily by handling it in an improper way, Satin abayas are made from silk. You can wear a satin abaya to protect your skin from sun and sunburn. Satin straps also help you to keep the skin moist without containing any other chemical products.

11. Black Abaya

Black Abaya is another stunning piece that is well-designed to elevate your fashion style every day with its elegant design. Depending on the fabric, this black abaya would be comfortable, durable, and long-lasting.

Figure: Black Abaya
Figure: Black Abaya Styles

What are the Hijabs to wear with Black Abaya?

With a black abaya, it is better to wear hijabs in a light mode color that offers stunning flor, and movement. For instance: White, light pink, grey, and other light colors. For formal events, black abayas tend to be the perfect choice.

12. White Abaya

White abayas are mainly loose and long dress that is available to wear alone over other clothes. A white or beige abaya never goes out of fashion as it is appropriate for any kind of formal occasion by having a premium fabric chosen with decorated sleeves or collar.

Figure: White Abaya
Figure: White Abaya Styles

What should be the fabric of a White Abaya?

It is important to choose the premium fabric to make any white abaya. A white abaya version denotes quality fabric that reaches the peak of the chick. White abaya also exists in multiple models, short length, long length, and other types. White abaya fabric can be satin, silk, or cotton depending on the user’s choice and comfort.

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