Acid Reduction Cleaning Agent in Textile

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Acid reduction cleaning agent is a special reducing agent used in the textile industry. It can replace (Na2S2O4 + NaOH) for the reduction cleaning of polyester and its blended fabrics after dyeing.

Acid Reduction Cleaning Agent

Acid reduction cleaning agent is widely used for water saving, improving production efficiency, removing floating color, and improving the color fastness of the fabric.

Properties of Acid Reduction Cleaning Agent

AppearanceWhite Powder
Lonic typeAnion
SolubilityEasily soluble in water
SafetyHas a certain smell, and no irritation to the skin, if the diluent sticks to the skin, splash it into the eyes immediately use Rinse well with plenty of water.
Technical Parameter

Product performance

1. Polyester and its blended fabrics dyed with dispersed dyes were reduced and cleaned to remove float color.

2. Compared with the alkaline reduction cleaning method with sodium dithionite and caustic soda, there is no need to drain the liquid after dyeing, and the product is directly added. After the reduction and refreshing, the cleaning solution is slightly acidic, without neutralization. Shorten process time and save water.

3. It has a good chelating effect on metal ions, and the fabric is bright after cleaning.

4. It has a strong reduction effect in the acid bath, and basically does not produce the color yellow in the traditional reduction cleaning process, and will not affect the post-process because of the cleaning sodium dithionite and caustic soda.

5. Safety and environmental protection, relative to the reduction cleaning method of sodium dithionite + caustic soda can greatly reduce COD, and relieve the pressure of sewage treatment.


Reduction cleaning after dyeing with dispersed dyes.

Application method

Acid Reduction Cleaning Agent

Recommended dosage: Acid reduction cleaning agent 0.5- 3.0g /L (please adjust the dosage according to the amount of dye and dyeing depth) After dyeing with dispersed dye, cool down to below 80°C, adjust the pH value 4-5, add this product, 85-90°C heat preservation running 20-30 minutes, drain liquid cleaning.

Store: Protect products from frost, heat, and direct sunlight. Dry, ventilated, and cool place, shelf life of 90 days.

Note: Please use as soon as possible after opening the lid. Do not open the lid to avoid failure after contact with air. If there is precipitation or stratification, it can be stirred evenly, without affecting the use effect.

Packing: It can be packed 25 kg per bag.

Transportation: It can serve as a general chemical.

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