Application of Anti Back Staining Agent in Textile

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Anti back staining agent prevent back staining problem in denim especially. The problem of back staining could happen by using excessing detergent or softener in dye bath.

Anti Back Staining Agent
Product physical and chemical indicators of Anti Back Staining Agent

The Anti-back staining powder is a special polymer composed of non-ionic surfactants. It is mainly applied for desizing bath in denim washing and enzyme staining and pure cotton cloth staining. Anti back staining agent plays a very excellent anti-dyeing effect in the inter-colored fabrics. With excellent dispersion and washing ability.

Product physical and chemical indicators:

  • Appearance: light yellow powder
  • Ionic Type: anion
  • PH Value: 6-7
  • Chemical Composition: Surfactant Polymer

Characteristics of Anti Back Staining Agent:

1. It produce anti-contamination effect on fabrics. Especially pocket cloth and collar area in denim garments washing process.

2. Anti-back staining Agent could be in acidic or neutral state. The KMnO4 fermented pumic stone can have little or no staining the acidic washing. The effect of fermented pumic stone is remarkable.

3. Increase color fastness during desizing. The effect of anti-staining is very good. It prevents back-staining during desizing in enzyme bath.

4. Very soluble in water. It has excellent dispersion performance and excellent soaping effect. It creates anti staining effect, strong solubilization, and long-lasting anti-staining ability.

5. It is eco-friendly.

Application Method

Compound enzyme operation reference: compound enzyme anti-staining powder accounts for 5%-10% of the total enzyme, and please adjust the specific dosage according to the requirements.

Store: sealed in a cool, dry and ventilated place, shelf life is 6-8 months.

Packaging: It can be packed 25 kg/kraft bag.

Transportation: It can serve as a general chemical.

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