20 Different Types of Hijab and Meaning [With Pictures]

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The hijab is a piece of comfort of cloth. The hijab assists women to maintain their modesty and privacy. The hijab is a source of honor as well as a means of showing their identity and values for many Muslim women.

The hijab is a symbol of community and solidarity. So, In this article, you will learn about different types of hijab and meaning.

20 Different Types of Hijab and Meaning

1. Instant Hijab

Instant Hijabs are readily available hijabs that are available in a separate color branch, designs, and styles. Instant Hijabs are suitable, aesthetically pleasing, and preferable to be soft and warm.

Figure: Instant Hijab Style
Figure: Instant Hijab Style

What is the Instant Hijab Made of?

The fabric of the instant hijab can be cotton, polyester, or a blend of these two fabric types. Instant Hijabs are wearable, lightweight, fashionable, and advantageous. They are available in both fashionable forms, and lightweight versions. Instant Hijabs come in multiple designs, in solid and popular versions.

2. Instant Jersey Hijab

Instant Jersey Hijabs are comfortable and effortlessly worn modest-type headwear that completes your look. Jersey hijabs which are instantly wearable provide the perks of practicality galore with a finished touch to any outfit.

Figure: Instant Jersey Hijab Style
Figure: Instant Jersey Hijab Style

What are the benefits of an instant jersey hijab?

Instant jersey hijab is comfortable, breathable, and instantly wearable. There are other benefits as well. For instances:
– They are incredibly soft to the skin.
– They require low maintenance.
– Provides long-day comfort
– Effortlessly versatile

What are the trending Jersey Hijab Colors?

The trending jersey hijab colors are white, black, mauve, and grey. These colors are mostly popular among the youth generation.

3. Instant Chiffon Hijab

Instant Chiffon Hijab is an easy way to wear a scarf that is designed with the finest fabrics out there. The incredible range of high-quality hijabs flaunts both style and luxury.

Figure: Instant Chiffon Hijab Style
Figure: Instant Chiffon Hijab Style

What is the Instant Chiffon Hijab made of?

Instant Chiffon Hijab is made of high-quality materials. For instance, cotton, wool, acrylic, nylon, and polyester. All these fabrics ensure long-lasting quality and sustainable fashion for daily usage.

4. Turban Hijab

Turban Hijabs are traditional head scarves that not only cover the hair but also the neck and the face area. Turban hijabs are more popular among Shikh men and women.

Figure: Turban Hijab Style
Figure: Turban Hijab Style

Is Turban Hijab Allowed in Islam?

There is a debate about whether the turban hijab is allowed in Islam or not. Usually, Islam does not restrict any style of hijab as it protects your head and modesty. Since Turban Hijab only covers the head area, It is also allowed as per Islamic Law.

5. Wedding Hijab

Wedding hijabs or bridal hijabs are headwear that are stretching, versatile, and more adaptable to the wearer’s test. Wedding or bridal hijabs offer more protection in general.

Figure: Wedding Hijab Style
Figure: Wedding Hijab Style

How to style wedding hijabs?

Wedding Hijabs are also easy to find due to the style and material that comes in a number of varieties. These hijabs are also common in many parts of the world. It is easy to style a wedding hijab with different accessories and other parts.

6. Crinkle Hijab

Crinkle Hijabs are a classic form of headwear and an excellent choice for versatility. For everyday fashion, with a crinkle hijab, you can elevate your outfit style in any season.

Figure: Crinkle Hijab Style
Figure: Crinkle Hijab Style

How to choose any crinkle Hijab?

To choose a crinkle hijab, it is necessary to look for fashionable and popular crinkle hijab ones. Cotton is the most convenient material. The Crinkle hijab collection is pure, elegant, and different materials.

7. Chiffon Hijab

Since Chiffon is a light and airy fabric, hijabs made of chiffon become versatile to wear casually, or in any formal setting. Chiffon hijabs are smooth, easy to care for, and wrinkle-resistant.

Figure: Chiffon Hijab Style
Figure: Chiffon Hijab Style

How to find the best chiffon hijab?

It is always easy to find the best version of the chiffon hijab due to its slightly sheer, opaque, and wrinkle-resistance features. Always check on the finish line whether it is a crisp and matte finish.

8. Cotton Hijab

Cotton Hijabs are the everyday go-to headscarves for both men and women. These hijabs are easy to find and use as they are fashionable and practical.

Figure: Cotton Hijab Style
Figure: Cotton Hijab Style

What are the new trends of cotton hijab?

Cotton hijabs are always a fashionable choice no matter what is the occasion. It is easy to maintain as they are manageable in a better way. They provide both warmth and shine and are a good choice to wear.

9. Satin Hijab

Satin hijabs are a completely dominating fashion as they are designed elegantly from the finest fabrics. Satin hijabs are well-designed to provide comfort, durability, and a paramount level of ease while wearing.

Figure: Satin Hijab Style
Figure: Satin Hijab Style

What is a satin hijab made of?

Satin hijab is made of high-quality material, for instance, polyester, nylon, cotton, acrylic, and wool as their quality is long-lasting. Also, the sustainable satin hijab is perfect against any wear and tear for daily usage.

10. Silk Hijab

Silk hijabs are a choice of hijab for fashionable customers. They can be wearable as fashion accessories. Besides, silk, being the strongest natural fiber, makes a durable scarf or hijab for everyday wear.

Figure: Silk Hijab Style
Figure: Silk Hijab Style

Is silk a better option for hijab?

Silk is always a better solution for hijab. Because the material is strong, durable, and gentle to the skin and hair, good for people who suffer rash or allergies to other fabric materials in selecting hijab material.

11. Printed Hijab

Printed Hijabs are high-quality in nature and ideal for women who strive for style and luxury. Printed Hijabs also provide comfort, durability, and ease of wearing depending on the fabric materials.

Figure: Printed Hijab Style
Figure: Printed Hijab Style

When to wear a Printed Hijab?

Printed hijabs are always bold in color and fancy in design. For this reason, it depends on your choice, style, and preferences. Based on this, they are suitable for all weather types and protect your head from any external interference.

12. Tie Dye Hijab

Tie Dye Hijabs are comparatively a new edition to the fashionable market. You can get any hijab, or scarf in a tie-dyed design as they are an ultimate luxury during summertime.

Figure: Tie Dye Hijab Style
Figure: Tie Dye Hijab Style

What are the recent trends of Tie Dye Hijab?

Tie-dye hijabs are a fashionable choice for many people. They go through a number of processes to resist the technique of dye. Usually, tie-dye is a great process for applying dyeing techniques in neon dye shades.

13. Lace Hijab

Lace hijabs are delicate, soft, and comfy to wear. The design makes it more attractive, stylish, and fashionable. Lace hijabs are wearable with matching scarves they are practical hijabs.

Figure: Lace Hijab Style
Figure: Lace Hijab Style

How to style Lace Hijabs?

Lace hijabs are easy to style as they are already laced up. The laced version must be in the upper portion of your head as it provides a luxurious and sheer look. Other than that, everything is up to you whether you want to style it more casually or formally, depending on the occasion.

14. Denim Hijab

A Denim hijab is a part of wardrobe offerings as these hijabs are layered with denim fabrics. The color of denim hijab is specific, blue, navy blue, and other shades.

Figure: Denim Hijab Style
Figure: Denim Hijab Style

Why is the hijab named ‘Denim?’

Just like Denim fashion, denim hijab is also on the popular rise. Nike or other well-known brands are making activewear hijabs for people who prefer modesty over anything else. This is how denim fabrics in terms of denim hijab become a functional head covering for athletics.

15. White Hijab

White Hijabs are perfectly textured, lightweight, and airy modest head covers that provide you with a polished look in everyday fashion.

Figure: White Hijab Style
Figure: White Hijab Style

What is the importance of the white hijab for women in Islam?

The white hijab has always been the color of purity as the color white denotes the spirituality, culture, and modesty statement. White hijabs make women pure and complete and can be teamed up with any outfit, like an abaya as well.

16. Black Hijab

Black hijabs are flaunted and dominating in the fashion sphere. The high-quality finest fabric makes the black hijab more luxurious in terms of relentless comfort.

Figure: Black Hijab Style
Figure: Black Hijab Style

What are the fabrics used for black hijab?

Black hijabs are made of polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, acrylic, and any other long-lasting quality that is against wear and tear for daily usage.

17. Sports Hijab

Sports hijabs are made of high-quality material that flaunts your style for the purpose of an athletic career. Polyester, jersey, cotton, and blends of all these are the greatest sports hijab materials that keep you in light mode, and cool, and provide enough space to use.

Figure: Sports Hijab Style
Figure: Sports Hijab Style

What is the benefit of wearing a Sports Hijab?

Sports hijabs come with a variety of benefits. They keep you cool as they are quite stretchy, quickly dryable, and breathable in use. Also, sports hijabs have a moisture-wicking ability that allows air to pass through the hair.

18. Kuwait Hijab

Kuwait Hijabs or Kuwaiti Hijabs are head coverings that are made of cotton only. Other than cotton, sometimes, there are materials like polyester, silk, and linen is there to make Kuwaiti hijabs lightweight, breathable, and soft.

Figure: Kuwait Hijab Style
Figure: Kuwait Hijab Style

Is the Kuwaiti Hijab different from other hijab types?

Kuwaiti hijab is a type variant of scarf that comes in different purposes. These head scarfs are mostly well made of cotton, and polyester for both men and women. They may look different in terms of color, fabric, and name, but they serve the same purpose as others do.

19. Square Hijab

Square hijabs are head covers sized 40 X 40 style mostly. Their ranges start from turbans to a more traditional triangular back with a neat framing face.

Figure: Square Hijab Style
Figure: Square Hijab Style

Does the Square Hijab serve a better purpose?

With square scarves or hijabs, you can create many different looks. If the hijab is silk-made, with a pattern of colorful, vibrant mode, you can also use that around the neck area with an abaya, shirt, or any other formal attire.

20. Turkish Hijab

Turkish hijab or headscarf is just like the usual head covering work in Turkey by women. Turkish hijab does not have any formal setting to wear, it is wearable even in educational institutions as well.

Figure: Turkish Hijab Style
Figure: Turkish Hijab Style

How to style a Turkish Hijab?

Turkish hijabs are easy to wrap around the neck area as well as in the back. These hijabs come in a diverse range of prints and themes that make them popular among the young generation.

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