Difference between MRP and ERP in Textile

Md Mahedi Hasan

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      MRP        ERP
MRP is a manufacturing planning software focuses on material requirement planning for production process.ERP is a business management software that integrate various business function. such as finance, HR, cutting , sewing, quality assurance, etc.
Primarily used in textile and garment manufacturing.Can be read in various industry verticals.
Focuses on managing and optimization of production process.Designed to manage & optimize all aspect of business operation.
Less complex, fewer resources to manage.More complex,require more resources to manage.
Work as stand alone system.Work as integrated system.
Typically Less Expensive.More Expensive.
Has limited user.Can have many user.
Focus only manufacturing (BOM, MPS, Machine, Capacity scheduling, Quality Assurance)Handle various business operation from account to HR, Supply Chain.

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