115 Best Clothing Brand Name Ideas Shortlisted

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Whether it’s a large fashion firm or a fledgling one just getting started, selecting the correct name for a brand is a journey. It’s about being creative and thinking critically. A good brand name distinguishes a clothesline from others.

Image: 115 Best Clothing Brand Name Ideas Shortlisted
Image: Clothing Brand

A good name also stays in people’s brains, making them feel special whenever they think about the brand. We have curated the list of best clothing brand names under Catchy (for instance: Carnival Couture) Classy (Graceful Wear), Custom (For example: Threads Boutique), Unique, and Best Clothing Brands.

Image: Best Clothing Brand Name Ideas Shortlisted
Image: Best Clothing Brand

In this post, we will discuss how to name a clothes brand. We’ll look at what distinguishes a brand, how it fits into the market, and 115 names that you can apply to your brand identity creation.

115 Best Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Here 115 Best Clothing brand name ideas have been circulated under 5 different sections. They are:

Catchy Clothing Brand Names

  1. Chic Choices Apparel, 
  2. Oasis Clothing, 
  3. Emerald Edge Fashion.
  4. Attic Treasures Threads
  5. Evolve Elegant Designs
  6. Tread Trendy Boutique
  7. Fascinate Me Apparel: Gallery Garments Boutique Bliss Apparel
  8. The Fashion Haven
  9. The Style Studio
  10. Bodacious beauty.
  11. Confident Couture
  12. Carnival Couture
  13. Elegant Essentials
  14. Boutique Elegance
  15. Crafting Couture Club
  16. Modern Mantra Clothing
  17. The Bridal Studio
  18. Curvy chic. Couture
  19. Activewear Avenue
  20. Bold Boy Apparel,
  21. Belle Chic Boutique.
  22. Tall and Trendy Threads
  23. Blue Moon Boutique
  24. Dye Delight Apparel – Fashion Fusion
  25. The Pretty Palette: Chic Freak Fashion 

Classy Clothing Brand Names

  1. Chic Ease Apparel 
  2. Simply Elegance
  3. Classic Cloth
  4. Effortless Chic Moda Simple
  5. Timeless trend
  6. Pure Class Apparel 
  7. Graceful Wear
  8. Easy Elegance Fashion
  9. Effortless Style Co
  10. Elegant Ease
  11. Classical Comfort
  12. Simple Chic
  13. Pure Elegance Boutique
  14. Easy Glamour
  15. Sleek Style Co
  16. Classic Comfort Couture
  17. Effortless Charm
  18. Chic Simplicity Boutique
  19. Effortless Charm
  20. Modish Simplicity

Custom Clothing Brand Names

  1. Tailor Crafted Apparel
  2. Custom Couture Creations
  3. Threads Boutique
  4. Tailored Treasures Fashion
  5. Personalized Chic Co.
  6. Design Savvy Apparel
  7. Signature Stitch Fashion
  8. Unique Fit Fashion House
  9. Custom Comfort Couture
  10. Custom Coats and Accessories

Unique Clothing Brand Names

  1. Whimsy Wear
  2. Funky Fits Fashion
  3. Retro Revive Apparel
  4. Boho Chic Boutique
  5. Urban Nomad Clothing Co.
  6. Free Spirit Fashion
  7. Wanderlust Closet
  8. Mosaic Mode
  9. Cosmic Couture
  10. Enigma Elegance

Best Clothing Brand Names

  1. Ethereal Elegance
  2. Threads Woven with Dreams
  3. Luxurious Luminosity
  4. Vogue of Velvet Shadows
  5. Opal’s Glimmering Garments
  6. Whispers of the Ether
  7. Noble Threads
  8. Timeless Style
  9. Vibrant Vestments for a Bold Soul
  10. Heavenly Array of Attire
  11. Regalia Fit for a Radiating Being
  12. Breezes from the Zenith of Style
  13. Stitches that Shine Like Stars
  14. Elegance Beyond Measure
  15. Raiments for Daydreams
  16. Hues in Harmony
  17. Apparel Enchanted by Imagination
  18. Chic Aligned with the Cosmos
  19. Panache with a Prismatic Flair
  20. Ambition Adorned in Elegance
  21. Luxe Awaits on Every Lane
  22. Garments of Graceful Flow
  23. Serene Style
  24. Untroubled Beauty
  25. Threads of Tranquil Serenity
  26. Silken Threads fit for a Sapphire
  27. Robes of Regal Bearing
  28. Fashioning Your Majestic Mode
  29. Essence of the Ethereal
  30. Emporium Overflowing with Elegance
  31. Dress Like Divinity
  32. Attire Bathed in Aurora’s Glow
  33. Ensembles Enchanted by Moonlight
  34. Elegance, Elite, and Exquisite
  35. Outfits Dripping in Opulence
  36. A Rose in Radiant Bloom
  37. Magnificence fit for Majesty
  38. Velvet Whispers of Bygone Eras
  39. Glamour Gilded in Gold
  40. Diamond Drapes for a Dazzling Entrance
  41. Linen Woven with Luminous Light
  42. Regal Radiance
  43.  Fit for a Queen
  44. Apparel of Elysian Fields
  45. Drapes as Delicate as a Dream
  46. Designs Born from Dreamland
  47. Elegance that Enigmatizes
  48. Robes Refined for Royalty
  49. Garments of Grandiose Design
  50. Royal Attire

How to Choose a Clothing Brand Name?

You will choose thousands of brand names on different sites. However choosing a clothing brand name becomes a crucial step when it is about establishing a brand identity, attracting customers, and whatnot. Here are some issues that you can focus on while choosing a clothing brand name:

  • Focusing on Your Brand Identity: Before you start brainstorming names, you should be clear on your brand’s identity, values, and target audience. Your brand name should represent these characteristics and resonate with your target audience.
  • Brainstorming Brand Name Ideas: Work with a group of friends or colleagues to come up with a list of prospective clothing brand names. Consider using words or phrases that reflect your clothing line’s style, aesthetic, and personality. Keep the name short, memorable, and simple to spell.
  • Checking Availability of Names: Once you’ve compiled a list of possible names, check their availability. Make sure the name is not already registered or used by another apparel firm. You can check online databases or contact a lawyer to be sure your desired name is legally available.
  • Considering Domain Availability: In today’s digital world, establishing a strong online presence is critical. Check to see if the domain name linked with your brand name is accessible for use on a website. It’s recommended to use a domain name that is similar to or matches your brand name.
  • Evaluating Market Fit: Think about how your brand name will be regarded in the market and how it relates to current fashion trends. Make sure the name appeals to your target demographic and conveys the appropriate message about your business.
  • Testing the Name: Before deciding on a brand name, test it with a small focus group or potential clients. Get input on how they see the name and whether it speaks to them. This allows you to make any essential changes before formally launching your brand.
  • Trademarking the Brand Name: After you’ve decided on a brand name, consider trademarking it to protect your brand identification and prohibit others from using the same name. Consult a legal specialist to understand the trademarking process. 
Image: How to Choose a Clothing Brand Name
Image: Clothing Brand Name


In the fast-paced world of fashion, where every stitch and seam tells a tale, a clothing brand’s name is extremely significant. It’s like a brand’s first introduction to its customers. 

In only a few words, the name expresses the brand’s identity, style, and beliefs. Coming up with the appropriate name for a clothing brand is similar to creating a beautiful piece of cloth. 

It requires ingenuity to appeal to consumers and demonstrate what the brand is all about. We believe, our given 100 best clothing brand name ideas will work for you as well if it matches up with the niche you choose.

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