Difference Between Plain, Twill, Satin Weave – With 10 Factor

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At first let’s see the structural difference between plain twill and satin weave respectively in the following picture

Structural difference between plain twill and satin

Plain Structure vs Twill Structure vs Satin Structure Weave
Plain Structure vs Twill Structure vs Satin Structure Weave

Plain Vs Twill Vs Satin

Here is the difference between Plain, Twill, Satin with 10 differentiator factor.

Differentiator factorsPlainTwillSatin
1. Construction:Interlace in alternate orderPronounced diagonal lineRearranged twill (Only one bending point at each end & picks in repeat)
2. According to binding:HighComparatively lowLowest
3. According to Abating (Longer float):LowestComparatively lowHighest
4. Appearance Texture11 Plain; face, back Same appearanceRegular twill: face, back side Same  Irregular twill: DifferentIf one side shows satin another side shows sateen
5. Thread Density (EPI/PPI)Lowest, because of high interlacementComparatively lowHighest Can be increased
6. Structure & FirmnessHigh firmnesslowLowest
7. ThicknessHighLowLowest
8. Cover factor (How much space the yarn Covered)LowComparatively highHighest
9. Seam StrengthHighLowLowest
10. Mass On GSMLowestLowHighest
Plain Twill satin difference

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