From Loungewear To Luxe: The Ascent of French Terry Fabric In High Fashion

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French terry fabric has become famous worldwide for its unique and traditional look. From the beginning of the 19th century, French Terry has been famous for celebs and many people due to their stylish, comfortable, and versatile look. Those fabrics are so soft and vigorous for sewing and making different types of clothing like sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, joggers, etc. 

It is a supreme type of fabric that is more than any heavy sweater. Since terry fabric is a top trend nowadays, it is natural that you are more curious about knowing this fabric more deeply. Here, we have walked you through all the necessary information about it. Therefore, keep reading. 

What Does A French Terry Fabric Mean? 

French terry fabric is a fabric that is commonly manufactured with light to mid-weight fabric. It feels so bubbly, soft, and stylish and has a stunning appearance. It is very stretchy and considered best for durable, easy-to-machine wash fabric.

French Terry Fabric
Image of French Terry Fabric

This fabric is commonly juxtaposed with two types of knitting: loop and softy ran piles. These two are usually found in the internal part of the fabric. For this reason, the external part will look smoother, velvetier, and naturally stretchier. 

What Is a French Terry Fabric Made Of?

For material, french terry fabric manufacturers used cotton and semi-cotton mixed fiber. This will make it super soft and easily matched to all sorts of bodies. Sometimes, those fabrics come with an admixture of rayon, lycra, polyester, or spandex.

Terry Fabric
The manufacturing process of Terry Fabric

Those fabrics are sometimes found with soy and organic cotton blending to bring some variation. These materials are worth weaving out a silky, well-textured fabric to make cardigans, pullovers and sweatshirts. 

Herein is a short list of what terry fabric is usually utilized as a fabric, which makes it different from others.

Material Cotton fibers or mixed with a semi-cotton blend
Textures Comes with a smooth, soft texture underneath a yarn loop 
Breathability Good breathability for loop pile
WarmthProvide moderate, sustainable warmth
Absorbency Level High 
Stretch NormsSatisfactory 
Durability Robust, prolonged life span
Comfortability Well enough to wear in the cold to spring season
Style Casual, versatile, worthy for use as a long-wear and aesthetic apparel 

What Items Can Be Made From French Terry Woof?

Various items can be made through French terry garments. This fabric has short and mild piles of yarn throughout the ground, which make it comfortable to wear as including: 

  • Regular pants, lounges 
  • Hoodies, sweatproof jacket
  • Joggers, men-women vest
  • Men t-shirt 
  • Women’s t-shirt, sleeves, non-sleeve shirt
  • Sweater, jacket, etc. 

Also, French fabric is suitable for warm seasons like summer and autumn dresses. It’s because that fabric has latent moisture-wicking properties, which are steadfast to absorb sweat and moisture. Whenever it absorbs moisture, it gains 27% more weight than natural. Therefore, it will be a great choice of fabric to wear in any weather or climate. 

Some applications of French Terry
Some applications of French Terry Fabric

This fabric is ideal for making heavy-duty clothes like loungewear, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. French fabric is bestowed with enough breathability and absorbs body sweating. As a result, your shirt or wearer gets quickly dry, even if you’re sweating a lot while going outside during summer. 

4 Types Of French Terry Clothing

French terry clothing also comes in four types. They have their traits and advantages. Below is an in-depth discussion about them. 

1. 100% Cotton Made of French Terry

French terry made with 100% cotton is an excellent choice for regular outfits. This sort of terry fabric is highly recommended for wear in warm summer. Those fabrics have excellent breathability and enough absorption power.

100% Cotton Made of French Terry
Image of 100% Cotton Made of French Terry

They make you feel natural and fresh from the inside. Most of these fabrics are eco-friendly and made from authentic cotton. Those clothes give you bird feathers and are comfortable on hot summer days. 

2. Blended French Terry 

Blended French terry often comes with mixed polyester and cotton fibres. It resulted in a beautiful combination of retaining durability and resisting shrinkage.

Blended French Terry 
Image of Blended French Terry 

Sometimes, it comes with a combination of spandex/ Lycra. This mixture also makes clothing stretchier than other French terry clothes. 

3. Bamboo French Terry 

This French terry is often made with raw bamboo, making it soft, eco-friendly, and cozy.

Bamboo French Terry
Image of Bamboo French Terry

Moreover, bamboo French fabrics have antibacterial properties, which make them worthy for sensitive skin folk.

4. Brushed French Fabric 

This type of fabric often comes with a brush loop inside. Its external sheath seems super cosy and smooth, like fertile land for the brushed loops on the internal part.

Brushed French Fabric 
Image of Brushed French Fabric 

Also, most of these fabrics offer a fluffy texture, a cozy appearance and a warm feeling. 

Some Tips To Clean And Care French Terry Fabric 

You may have heard this myth that cleaning French terry fabric is difficult or easily wrinkled. These myths aren’t true at all. Here are some tips; if you follow this correctly, your French terry fabric won’t damage or shrink. 

  • Wash the fabric in cold water instead of lukewarm or boiling water. 
  • Avoid using very harsh chemicals in it. It will deteriorate the natural texture of the organic cotton. As an alternative, use natural remedies like vinegar, lemon, or mild cleanser to pre-treat the stubborn stain from it. 
  • Dry it naturally, buy air, and iron it on low heat. 


Do French Terry Fabric Got Shrink? 

Yes, most French terry fabric made with cotton may shrink naturally after washing. But the good news is the shape or clothing you buy may stay the same as the knitted Fabric Manufacturer guarantees retention engineering. For this, they will remain in the same pattern as before. 

Does French Terry Keep Anyone Warm?

Since French terry clothing has a unique internal loop, it is worth keeping you both warm and cool. This is an exceptional quality of terry fabric which can absorb moisture easily during summer. On the other hand, it can keep you warm in rough or cold weather. 

Why Is French Terry So Expensive?

It is costly due to the 100% organic cotton. You know how tough it is to collect organic cotton from pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals. For this reason, most of these fabric-made products are expensive to buy. 

Final Wrap

French terry fabric is the utmost fashion trend nowadays. People love it and wear it only because of its versatility. Although costly, they can last longer, more than a decade, than others. 

French terry woof isn’t only suitable for manufacturing dresses, sleeve cuffs, and neck bands. They seem so fancy and elegant and enhance your everyday outlook. Cotton is so durable and easy to manage. 

You can wear it anywhere, from the gym to the office, university to college. Again, this fabric makes you feel relaxed for the small, small loop in summer. Small-size loop fabric is often good for air circulation. 


French terry fabric has double advantages as you can wear it in hot and cold weather. Apart from this, there are some more benefits. Read this to learn.

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