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Do you know what is garments or what is meant by garments? It is one of the commonly asked questions and many people have misconceptions about this term. The term ”GARMENTS” is usually used to refer to clothing items. A garment is an article of apparel composed of textiles or materials intended to be worn on the body and to enhance human beauty.

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It is a piece of cloth that is manufactured using different fabrics. There are several kinds of clothing, such as knitted or woven items, with various names and purposes. Shirts, T-shirts, Pants, jerseys, Suits, Jackets, and Uniforms are some of the examples of Garments. Explore this article to get a more clear idea about this term.

What is Garments? Garments Meaning

By this time, you may have understood the meaning of garments. In general, garments are different types of clothing items that an individual wears. These clothes can be anything from basic things like dresses to more specialized items. Garments or clothing items have several uses depending on their functionalities.

Image: Garments or Clothing
Image: Garments or Clothing

They may also be symbolic, signifying a person’s identity, position, or line of work. The fashion and textile industries have developed over time to provide a wide range of clothing that meets various demands, styles, and situations. Essentially, clothing is essential to human culture because it combines functionality as well as aesthetics.

Definition of Garments

The term “Garments” does not mean something limited but it covers a lot of things. This term does not cover a single piece of clothing but it covers every type of clothing from baby wear to clothing for the young and the old person as well. There are several clothing varieties, including knitted and woven ones, with numerous names and functions.

Image: Garments
Image: Garments

Clothes may physically and figuratively show the wearer’s stamp as items that have been worn, carried, or utilized to beautify the wearer’s personality. In other words, garments include things like t-shirts, shirts, jeans, coats, boxer shorts, and women’s blouses.

Classification of Garments

Garments can be classified in different ways from fabric type to shape and style. Depending on the fabric type, garments are classified into 3 different categories. These are knit garments, woven garments, and non-woven garments.

1. Knit Garments:

Knit garments are those that are manufactured using knitted fabric. This garment includes different clothing products such as T-shirts, Polo shirts, Sweaters, Trousers, Jerseys, and so on.

Image: Knit Garments
Image: Knit Garments

2. Woven Garments:

Garment products that are manufactured utilizing woven fabric are referred to as Woven garments. Woven garments include Shirts, Suitings, Pants, Blazers, as well as Denim products.

Image: Woven Garments
Image: Woven Garments

3. Non-woven Garments:

Most of the garment products are non-woven garments and these types of garments are produced using non-woven fabric. Diapers, Baby bibs, Carpets, Medical textiles, Feminine Napkins, Face masks, and Sanitary materials are some of the examples of non-woven garments.

Image: Non-woven Garments
Image: Non-woven Garments

The FAQs

What are garments examples?

Garments are available in different types including knit, woven, and non-woven garments. These garments include different types of items from baby wear to men’s and women’s wear. Shirts, T-shirts, Skirts, Pants, Suits, and Winterwear are some of the examples of garments.

What is the purpose of Garments?

Different types of garments have different purposes. Among other things, the main function of clothes is to cover the body. Additionally, it helps you interact with people and feel more appealing. There are several reasons why people dress. Physical factors are among these causes.

Are garments and apparel the same thing?

Yes, when referring to clothing, the terms “apparel” and “garments” are frequently used interchangeably. Both phrases include a broad spectrum of pieces of clothing worn on the body. “Apparel” refers more widely to the overall outfit or attire, which includes all clothing components, even if the term “garment” may occasionally refer to a single piece of clothing.

How are garments different from accessories?

The terms “Garments” and “Accessories” are different terms used in the garment and textile industry. In general, the word “Garments” refers to clothing items including baby wear, and men’s and women’s clothing. On the other hand, “Accessories” means different types of items except clothing and these include hats, caps, scarves, and so on.

How are garments classified?

Garments are frequently used to mean clothing items and they can be classified in different ways. First of all, you can classify garments by fabric type like knit, woven, and non-woven. You can also classify it by gender as well as shape and styling.

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