List of Top 15 Textile Industries in Bangladesh

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The Bangladeshi textile sector is one of the most successful textile sectors in the world. Bangladesh’s textile industry is an established player in the competitive worldwide market for garment sourcing. There are a lot of textile industries in Bangladesh that play an important role in this success.

Image: Textile Industries in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s textile sector currently earns more than any other industry through manufacturing and exporting textile and garment products worldwide. Bangladesh has the world’s second-largest ready-made clothing and textile sector. They export a variety of textile and apparel goods all over the world.

Image: 15 Textile Industries in Bangladesh

However, the textile companies in Bangladesh have had a great impact on this success. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best Textile Industries in Bangladesh that lead the Bangladesh textile and garment sector. Keep browsing this article and let’s crack it together.

Top 15 Textile Industries in Bangladesh

Let’s explore some of the top-rated textile companies or textile industries in Bangladesh that play a crucial role in the textile and garment sector:

1. Akij Textile Mills Ltd

Akij Textile Mills Ltd is a sister concern of Akij Group, one of the biggest groups of companies in Bangladesh. Akij Textile Mills Ltd is a one-stop source that supplies top-notch quality woven fabric. This company started its journey in 2004 and its head office is located at Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208.

With over 19 years of spinning expertise, the business progressively developed creative concepts and advanced to the upstream processes of fabric dyeing as well as finishing, yarn dying, and weaving. This firm is dedicated to introducing creative ways to add quality to its products since it believes in continual improvement.

Image: Akij Textile Mills Ltd Website
Image: Akij Textile Mills Ltd Website

The goal of Akij Textile Mills Ltd is to create products of the highest caliber while pursuing excellence in all of its undertakings. The mother group has over 50,000 employees as well as has a turnover of over 1.5 billion USD. This textile company has modern and advanced production facilities and a highly experienced workforce.

Address198 Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Link Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +880 9613116609, +880 1913746335
WebsiteAkij Textile Mills Ltd

2. Asian Apparels Limited

Asian Apparels Limited is a leading textile company among others in the textile and apparel industry. It is one of the ancient textile and apparel companies in Bangladesh which was established in the year of 1990. This company has a great reputation because of its quality assurance as well as excellent customer satisfaction.

Image: Asian Apparels Limited Website
Image: Asian Apparels Limited Website

In addition to domestic popularity, this company also has a vast reputation globally. Asian Apparels Limited has around 3 decades of experience in manufacturing quality products and exporting them worldwide. Asian Apparel is a market leader because of its broad range of production skills.

This business can manage sizable manufacturing orders while upholding stringent quality control guidelines. Product quality, customer satisfaction, and Strong bonds are some of their main vision. Asian Group’s manufacturing portfolio is diverse and demonstrates their proficiency in both knit as well as woven products.

Address29, Baniatilla, Station Road, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 031 621226, +88 031 3363440
WebsiteAsian Apparels Limited

3. Badsha Textiles Ltd

Badsha Textiles Ltd is one of Bangladesh’s top textile conglomerates. Established in the year 2000 by Mr. Md. Badsha Mia, this company has several decades of experience in this sector. This company offers a wide range of goods and services to the clothing and textile sectors. For the next generations, the Group has set milestones as well as established many benchmarks.

Image: Badsha Textiles Ltd Website
Image: Badsha Textiles Ltd Website

The main product of this company is different types of premium-quality textile yarn. Badsha Textiles Ltd mainly manufactures Carded Yarn, Combed Yarn, Fancy Yarn, Compact Yarn, Core Yarn, Open End Yarn, and so on. This company has two spinning mills and has a capacity of producing a total of around 800000 M.TON Per Year.

This industry uses “state of the art” technology and machinery to keep up with the speed and harmony of the current textile world. The company produces 160 tons of high-quality cotton yarns every day at its state-of-the-art production plant. This company also has a turnover of around $300 million.

AddressHolland Center, Cha 72/1-B, Pragati Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 096 09222888, +88 02 48810871-77
WebsiteBadsha Textiles Ltd

4. Beximco Textile Mills Ltd

Beximco Textile Mills Ltd is one of the biggest textile companies in Bangladesh. This company was established in the year 1994. Although this company was founded in 1994, it started its commercial operation in the Bangladeshi textile sector in the year 1995. Mr. Sohail F. Rahman was the founder of this company.

Beximco Textile Mills Ltd is one of the modern and advanced composite mills in Bangladesh. The production capacity of this leading company is around 3,65,00,000 per year as well as the profit margin is US$ 500 Million per year. This company has several advanced and modern production facilities that make this industry one of the best among others.

Image: Beximco Textile Mills Ltd Website
Image: Beximco Textile Mills Ltd Website

Beximco Textile Mills Ltd has several divisions including Denim, Spinning, Woven, Knitting as well as Printing and embroidery division. You can get top-notch quality textile products from this company because product quality is their main focus. This company also has all the necessary certificates.

AddressHouse No-17, Road No-02, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 8611891, +88 02 8618220
WebsiteBeximco Textile Mills Ltd

5. DBL Group

Established in the year 1991, DBL Group is a family-owned company in Bangladesh. This leading textile company is also known as Dulal Brothers Limited. This company has a lot of years [around 32 years] of experience in manufacturing and exporting different textile and garment products. With more than 60,000 employees, it is the biggest exporter of apparel in the country.

At the very beginning of the establishment, this company manufactured budget-friendly products. However, this company is producing top-notch quality, expensive, and mid-range products right now. DBL Group manufactures different types of clothing products from men’s clothing to women’s and kid’s clothing. They can draw client orders by producing clothes at their design studio.

Image: DBL Group Website
Image: DBL Group Website

DBL Group also produces fabrics and yarns from used and recovered textiles. At the moment, 36,000 employees work at DBL. Using its understanding of Ethiopia’s garment sector, DBL has opened an apparel manufacturing facility in Mekele, a town near Addis Ababa, with the help of a foreign client.

AddressHouse-50, Floor-6th Floor, Road-03, Avenue-07, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 58817735-6
WebsiteDBL Group

6. Epyllion Group

With an emphasis on the production and export of knit clothing, Epyllion Group has become a prominent company in Bangladesh’s textile sector. This company was founded in the year 1994 and its headquarters is located at Gulshan, Dhaka. Epyllion is rapidly advancing by guaranteeing quality and punctual delivery as required by customers and associates.

It has grown to become one of the biggest companies in the nation with its quality services. This company has a strong infrastructure for backward linking covering knit apparel, textiles, wet processing, as well as apparel accessories. Setting the standard for the sector, Epyllion is renowned both domestically and globally for its institutional strategy and sustainability programs.

Image: Epyllion Group
Image: Epyllion Group

Its rise may be attributed to several factors, including its highly trained and motivated team, innovative product and design, and high standards. The company takes great pleasure in its high standards of corporate ethics, data-driven decision-making, and proactive approach to research and development.

AddressNINAKABBO, 227/A Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 9840223
WebsiteEpyllion Group

7. Ha-meem Group

Ha-Meem Group is one of the largest and leading textile companies in Bangladesh. This company was established in 1984. It’s now among the business groupings in the nation with the quickest growth. Mr. A. K. Azad is the Founder, Chairman, as well as Managing Director of the Ha-meem Group of Companies. The Ha-Meem group is a global leader in the supply of denim fabric as well as ready-made clothing.

It is a privately held business that has long been among Bangladesh’s leading exporters of apparel to the United States and Europe. The company that manufactures clothing is privately held. They oversee another company as well. They earn a considerable sum of money every year.

Image: Ha-meem Group
Image: Ha-meem Group

The headquarters of this textile and garment manufacturing sector are located at Tejgaon, Dhaka. Currently, this company has 50,000 employees. The Ha-Meem group generates 30% of tops and 70% of bottoms. 50% of the fabrics are denim, and 50% are not. At the plant, every line is kept at 2.5 AQL. Their efforts in manufacturing are paying off in a big way.

Address387 (South), Industrial Area, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
Contact Detail+88 02 8170592, +88 02 8170593
WebsiteHa-meem Group

8. Knit Concern Group

Knit Concern Group is another popular textile industry in Bangladesh. It is a highly reliable company that manufactures and supplies top-notch quality textile and apparel products. This company was established in 1990, but two years after its established date, it started to manufacture and export top-quality textiles as well as garments products.

Knit Concern Group has top-quality human resources, cutting-edge production facilities as well as latest technologies. As a result of these, this company can manufacture a bunch of products to meet the consumer’s demand. Knit Concern, one of the major taxpayers in the nation, currently employs around 16,000 people.

Image: Knit Concern Group Website
Image: Knit Concern Group Website

Knit Concern Group provides the highest caliber of professional service to foreign customers. This firm also makes financial, social, and environmental contributions to its country of origin. Nowadays, Knit Concern manufactures and ships a daily total of around 200,000 pieces of knit clothing and 200,000 pieces of lingerie in the newest styles and designs.

Address62 Water Works Road, Godnail, Narayangonj – 1400, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 224427437, +88 02 224427438
WebsiteKnit Concern Group

9. Mohammadi Group

Mohammadi Group Limited is another leading and top-rated textile industry in Bangladesh’s textile sector. This renowned textile industry is one of the major apparel sectors with an exclusive concentration on exports. This company was established in 1984 and Mr. Annisul Huq was the person who established this company and he was the late Chairman of the Mohammadi Group.

The company started as a small workshop with just ten workers. Now employing over 15,000 people, the sector has grown to become one of Bangladesh’s largest producers of textiles. The Mohammadi group of firms produces women’s blouses, formal shirts for men and boys, and casual shirts. The apparel business brings in around $80 million a year.

Image: Mohammadi Group Website
Image: Mohammadi Group Website

Sears, Wal-Mart, Hagger, Costco, H&M, Perry Ellis, Target, Primark, ECI, and SPRINGFIELD are some of the top buyers of their textile products. The Mohammadi Group of Companies is committed to giving its clients dependable, sincere, and honest service. They are committed to providing their customers with the best customer service possible in the sector.

AddressLotus Kamal Tower-One, 57 Joar Sahara C/A, Nikunja-2, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone:  +880 9612 222000
WebsiteMohammadi Group

10. Noman Group

The Noman Group is Bangladesh’s top manufacturer of home textiles as well as terry towels, clothing, and fabric. The business pays its employees fairly and offers them decent working circumstances in addition to utilizing contemporary technology and equipment.

This business supports sustainable objectives and the preservation of nature’s biological framework. One of their main objectives is to manufacture and supply the highest caliber textile goods on time while maintaining a constant commitment to compliance. The business is committed to giving its workers a secure and healthy work environment.

Image: Noman Group
Image: Noman Group

Noman Group manufactures different types of products in different categories including apparel, home textiles as well and fabric. The knowledgeable labor force is taught to create clothes of the highest caliber, guaranteeing client delight.

AddressAdamjee Court, Annex-2 Building, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 9852906, +88 02 7176207-8
WebsiteNoman Group

11. Opex Sinha Group

One of Bangladesh’s largest textile manufacturers is the Opex Sinha Group. This business is an integrated textile manufacturing complex with its headquarters in Bangladesh’s Kanchpur. It was started in 1989 by Opex and Sinha, two brothers. Since then, the company has expanded to encompass many facilities producing a variety of textile products, from yarn to garments that are completed.

High-quality services are produced by Opex Sinha Group and are offered in both domestic and foreign markets. Although it is growing more and more common in the US and Canada, the group’s main market is in Europe. The Opex Sinha Group sells goods valued at billions of dollars annually and is among the biggest employers in Bangladesh’s textile industry.

Image: Opex Sinha Group
Image: Opex Sinha Group

The Opex Sinha Group is the largest garment exporter in Bangladesh and among the largest in the world. The company employs over 100,000 people and generates over $1 billion in revenue yearly. It produces apparel for some of the greatest global brands, including Gap, H&M, and Walmart. The EU, USA, UK, and Canada are its principal export markets.

AddressHouse No-82, Mohakhali Tower, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 9854531-7, +88 02 88256-57
WebsiteOpex Sinha Group

12. Sterling Group

Sterling Group is one of the oldest textile companies in the Bangladeshi textile and apparel sector. This company was founded in 1984 and the main vision was to produce top-quality fashion products. At present, it has gained a lot of reputation which makes it one of the leading textile industries in Bangladesh.

Image: Sterling Group Website
Image: Sterling Group Website

The company boasts modern production facilities, a highly skilled workforce, and an innovative R&D team. The Group uses cutting-edge technologies to increase the production process effectiveness. With an ongoing emphasis on value addition and quality improvement, this company ensures a safe and healthy work environment for the employees while adhering to client compliance standards.

Sterling Group satisfies regulatory requirements to guarantee the best possible working conditions and maximize productivity. As one of the best apparel sources in the international market, this company manufactures and supplies top-quality products.

AddressHouse No-12, Road No-07, Sector-07, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 48959706, +88 02 48959708
WebsiteSterlin Group

13. Square Group

Square Textiles Ltd. is a large company and this company entered the Bangladeshi textile sector in 1997. This company was established by Samson H. Chowdhury and its head office is located at Mohakhali. Square Textile Limited, Square Fashions Limited, Square Yarns Limited, Square Denims Limited, and Square Knit Fabrics Limited are some of the secondary companies established by this group.

Image: Square Group Website
Image: Square Group Website

Square Group has a total of three units and all three units have a total of 40,000 kg production capacity per day. This company has also the capability to generate around Tk 444.19 million per year. The main textile product that this company has been manufacturing is yarn and they manufacture different types of yarns including cotton, polyester, wool, and blended yarn.

As a well-known company in the Asia-Pacific area, this company has always fulfilled its commitment to provide value to its clients. Square Textiles Ltd. manufactures top-quality textile products and supplies them globally. The USA, the UK, and some of the EU countries are the major marketplaces for their products.

AddressHouse No-48, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 3304756, +88 02 8859007
WebsiteSquare Group

14. Thermax Group Ltd.

Thermax Group Ltd. is another Bangladeshi leading textile company. The group began touring in 1996, and in 1998, they began professional textile production for a profit. Its main office may be found at 1000 Kakrail C/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, and garment manufacturing are the group’s five functional divisions.

Image: Thermax Group Ltd Website
Image: Thermax Group Ltd Website

Over 10,000 workers are employed by it, and it operates 17 factories across the country. The company primarily focuses on producing high-quality denim, woven textiles, knit fabrics, and melange yarn. They are renowned for providing excellent products and excellent customer service. This organization offers a variety of colors and styles from which you may select the perfect product.

Additionally, because of their affordable prices, they offer outstanding value for your money. This company has the capability of producing 3 million yards of woven fabric, 2 million yards of denim, and 3.2 million knitwear pieces every month. Top brands from North America and Europe are the main marketplaces for this group’s textile products.

AddressGreen City Edge, Floor: 12-14th, Kakrail C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 8300492, +88 02 8300493
WebsiteThermax Group Ltd.

15. Viyellatex Group

Founded in 1996, Viyellatex Limited is one of Bangladesh’s leading manufacturers focusing mostly on exports. A private corporation is the ownership structure of this industry. This leading textile industry provides different types of production services. The company manufactures an extensive selection of textiles for domestic as well as global markets.

Image: Viyellatex Group Website
Image: Viyellatex Group Website

They provide house printing as well as printed t-shirt expediting services to their clients. There exist eight clothing groups in this sector. This textile manufacturing sector’s corporate headquarters are situated on Airport Road in Dhaka. It distributes its products in more than 100 countries globally and has more than 25,000 employees.

Knitwear is produced in this business for the first time in the country. They produce a wide range of goods, including knitting, printing, dying, as well as spinning. Its main objective is the globalization of the infrastructure in this manufacturing industry. They are also receiving many awards for their efforts.

AddressLe Méridien Dhaka, 79/A Commercial Area, Nikunja 2, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
Contact DetailPhone: +88 02 55098318, +88 02 55098319
WebsiteViyellatex Group

Wrap Up

Bangladesh is one of the leading countries in the world textile and apparel sector. Bangladesh’s economy depends heavily on the textile and apparel industry, which also has a big influence on exports. The demand for clothes in Bangladesh is steadily rising. All the companies I added here play an important role in the Bangladeshi textile and garment sector. These companies have a lot of impact on the development as well as the growth of this sector.

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