What is Cambric Fabric? Things that Make Stand Out

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Fabrics that are comfortable to wear in warm weather are lightweight and breathable. Cambric fabric is among those fabrics that make it affordable and long-lasting. The versatility knows no bounds when it gets to be used for various applications.

What is Cambric Fabric?

Cambric fabric refers to woven fabric made of 100% cotton. It is lightweight and unique in manner. In the weaving process, twisted linen and cotton fibers are used. This fabric’s warp and weft thread size ranges from 60 to 80 counts. Cambric fabric is a batiste because of its needlework and lacework. 

Image: What is Cambric Fabric
Image: Cambric Fabric

History and Origin of Cambric Fabric

Cambric was commonly a quality linen cloth. It was produced in Cambrai, Southern France. Jean Baptiste Chambray, a native weaver, invented cambric fabric in 1300. Printed cambric had functions for bands, collars, and sleeves in London. To make contemporary Cambric, Egyptian or American cotton gives a glossy finish on one side. A cambric fabric is also made from Silk.

How the Cambric Fabric is Made?

Cambric fabric is not woven the same way most fabrics are woven. The first step of manufacturing cambric fabric is weaving. The weaving of twisted cotton fibers is required to produce cambric. The tight weaving process gives a smooth appearance to the Cambric fabric. 

Image: Calendering Process
Image: Calendering Process

The second step is the process of Calendering. It is done by passing the fabric through heated rollers. These rollers tighten the fibers and align them in a uniform and single direction. Calendering has tight fibers, a glossy appearance, and a stiff look. 

Image: Cambric Fabric Washing
Image: Washing

But the desired glossy look only appears when the fabric goes through a series of washing. The low-quality cambric fabric may need to undergo the treatment again to regain its glossy and stiffness. 

What kind of fabric is Cambric?

Cambric fabric is a lightweight, plain-weave cotton material that is tightly woven. It’s notable for its silky texture. Its high quality and relatively high thread count make cambric fabric used in quilting and other craft tasks that demand a durable, smooth, and tightly woven fabric. The softness and soft surface are also utilized in a couple of matters.

Image: Cambric Fabric
Image: Cambric Fabric

What Makes Cambric Fabric Stand Out?

Some features make cambric fabric stand out. For instance, Cambric fabric:

  • A type of plain-woven cotton fabric.
  • Lightweight, Soft, and Breathable.
  • Has a Unique texture with a smooth finish.
  • Durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • It is less prone to shrink or stretch.
  • Is versatile.
  • It can be easily dyed and embroidered in nature.
Image: Cambric fabric Applications

What is Cambric fabric used for?

Cambric fabric has a variety of Applications. For instance:

  1. Clothing: Handkerchief, Clothing Lining, Lingerie, and Surgical Dressing.
  2. Other Clothing: Shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, Pants, and Shoe Tops.
  3. Miscellaneous: Bookbinding, quilting, embroidery, and dust covers.
Image: Cambric fabric used


How do you judge the authenticity of Cambric Fabric?

The authenticity of Cambric Fabric can be measured by its retaining of glossy properties. The glossy appearance should be in the Cambric fabric even after heavy use and several years after.

What is the difference between Cambric and Chambray?

Cambric fabric is a woven fabric made of cotton and linen. It is known for its smooth texture and sheen appearance. Meanwhile, Chambray fabric is the plain weave fabric, traditionally made from cotton. It is well-recognized due to its appearance, which is identical to Denim.

What is the difference between Cotton and Cambric?

Cotton is a natural fiber used in the textile industry because of its softness, versatility, and breathability. Meanwhile, Cambric is a woven and lightweight fabric made of 100% cotton.

Which fabric is similar to Cambric?

Cambric is similar to a couple of fabrics. For instance:
1. Batiste: A lightweight, soft fabric made from cotton, wool, and sometimes polyester.
2. Lawn: Lawn is a cotton-made lightweight, crisp-like fabric with a high thread count weave.
3. Voile: It is not heavyweight but made from cotton and cotton blend. 

Can we wear Cambric fabric in summer?

Yes, you can wear Cambric fabric throughout the summer fabric. Due to its lightweight and breathable properties, Cambric fabric makes an excellent choice for warm weather and proper air circulation and keeps you cool during hot days.

What is the difference between Cambric and Lawn?

Cambric fabric is slightly heavy and woven with a plain weave technique. Meanwhile, lawn fabric is soft, light, and famous for summer wear. 

Is cambric cotton 100% cotton?

Cambric fabric is usually 100% cotton. Because of its softness, breathability, and ability to maintain tiny details such as embroidery, 100% cotton is the most popular and traditional composition for cambric.

How long does cambric last?

With proper care, Cambric can last for several years. The lifespan mostly depends on fabric quality, care and maintenance, and frequent use. 

Is cambric the same as linen?

Cambric and linen are thought to be the same due to their shared qualities: Breathability, Composition, and texture. Cambric is smooth and cotton base whether linen is natural or flax fiber-origin.

Is Cambric cotton thick?

Cambric cotton is not thick. Instead, it is a lightweight, fine-woven fabric with a smooth texture. 

Is Cambric a good fabric?

Cambric is a good fabric because of its softness, breathability, durability, versatility, and slight sheen appearance.


Not every time benefits outweigh the disadvantages. In the case of cambric fabric, the heavily dense nature might not be the best solution for outdoor plans in the summer. Also, it is prone to shrinkage. Other than that, the perfect fabric is cambric, which has a featherlight, delicate feel. 

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