How to Design Clothes Digitally

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Designing your own clothes is a process of creativity and innovation. Using digital tools and technology makes the process smooth, convenient, and efficient. The end products come out as intricate and unique pieces when you start designing clothes on digital platforms. In this article, we will bring you the necessary steps on how to design clothes digitally.

Image: How to Design Clothes Digitally

How to Design Clothes Digitally Free?

To design clothes digitally for free, you need software and tools that offer trials. There are a number of free or trial versions of digital design software for clothing. For instance:

  • Fotor Basic: Free

One of the versatile clothing design software that allows you to design clothes digitally free. Here you can textile design, use 3D Modeling, or make patterns to experiment with colors, and textures to visualize your sketch.

Image: Design Clothes by Fotor Basic
Image: Design Clothes by Fotor Basic
  • CLO 3D: 30 Days Free Trial

CLO 3D is another clothing design software where you can digitally design your clothes and make the clothing in motion to see how it works.

Image: Design Clothes by CLO 3D
Image: Design Clothes by CLO 3D
  • Adobe Illustrator

It is a 3D clothing software in the industry of fashion where you can create clothing design illustrator using tools, and detailed sketches. Besides, you can use technical drawing, vector-based design, and fashion flats to make your design intricate.

Image: Design Clothes by Adobe Illustrator
Image: Design Clothes by Adobe Illustrator

How to Design Clothes Digitally Online?

To design clothes digitally online, you need to adapt to web-based design tools and websites. All those websites allow you to design clothes. But to do that, here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 01: 

Choose any web-based design platform where you will cater your clothing design.

  • Step 02: 

Create an account there to design the clothes of your choice.

  • Step 03: 

Either you can use pre-made templates of those platforms or you can free-hand sketch.

  • Step 04: 

Experiment with existing patterns, and styles to design your clothes.

  • Step 05: 

Since it is about designing clothing, you can pay heed to the details, Zippers, and other Stitching.

  • Step 06: 

Save and Export your work using any format digitally to any platform to showcase your work with others.

How to Design Clothes Digitally on a Phone?

It is not true that you can only design clothes digitally on PC or Laptops. The phone is another option where you can design your clothes digitally. In that case, mobile apps are required to make the design for you. Here are a few apps that you can count on:

Mobile Apps to Design Your Clothes:

  • Canva: 

It is an app that provides design tools for a number of clothing design projects.

  • Adobe Illustrator: 

The mobile version of Adobe Illustrator offers vector-based features that you can use to create clothing designs. 

How to Design Clothes App

Step by Step process before you actually start designing clothes digitally through apps. For instance:

  • Step 01: Choose the app. 
  • Step 02: Install the App from the app store.
  • Step 03: Explore the app to learn about its features.
  • Step 04: Start creating a new project on a black or white canvas.

Clothes Designing Software Free

For those who want to become clothing designers, there are numerous free software to get started: Here are some clothes designing software that work for free:

  • Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer provides a free trial version where you can experience limited features as well. But to create 3D clothing design software, there is no other alternative to realistic clothing simulations.

Image: Marvelous Designer for Clothes Design
Image: Marvelous Designer for Clothes Design
  • Blender 

With Blender, the 3D Modeling and software for rendering, you can create 3D clothing designs. It is open-source and applicable on Windows, and macOS.

Image: Blender Software for Clothes Design
Image: Blender Software for Clothes Design

How to design clothes digitally for beginners

Designing Clothes digitally is fun if you have all the supplies to get started through the following steps. For instance, the steps can be:

  • Getting acknowledged with free digital design software (Inkscape, Canva)
  • Learning the basics (the basics of clothing design)
  • Sketching the ideas first on paper, then digitally on free software.
  • Turning the paper sketch into a digital one using software.
  • Practicing using layers to design clothes.
  • Experimenting with colors and textures.
  • Using online resources (Udemy, Skillshare, and others)

Free Apps to Design Clothes

Here are those apps that are free and available to design any clothes:

  • Vogue Runway

It is a one-stop destination for fashion designers to get inspired by creating new designs. Vogue Runway offers proper fashion coverage and access around the world. Besides, Vogue Runway is a hub for fashion resources and runway looks.

Image: Vogue Runway App
Image: Vogue Runway App
  • WGSN

WGSN is a top app that specializes in trend prediction. WGSN helps customers create the greatest patterns and designs for garments based on facts, buyer knowledge, and trade techniques.

Image: WGSN Software
Image: WGSN Software
  • Sketch

For beginners who look to make an impression on design, Sketch could be a great tool. This app includes beautiful plugins, an integrated prototype option, and an excellent vector editor. 

Image: Sketch App
Image: Sketch App

How to Design Your Own Clothes at Home

Designing your own clothes at home proves your practical experience of yours to deal with sewing and other basics. Here are the steps to follow to design your clothes at home:

  • Step 01: Learn about drawing, sewing, fashion, and design basics.
  • Step 02: Consider the fabric to get your inspiration from
  • Step 03: Think about color and patterns. In that case, consider yourself or your customer.
  • Step 04: Start drawing your design on a croquis by outlining the person.
  • Step 05: Start sketching the design- the shape of the garment, and details.
  • Step 06: Color your design.

Till now, all the designs you make have been on pen and paper. Now it is time to apply the design on the fabric. Here is the list of steps:

  • Step 07: Cut your fabric according to the design.
  • Step 08: Sew the garment pattern-wise.
  • Step 09: Finish Seams and edges-stitching.
  • Step 10: Add details: buttons, closures, and zippers.
  • Step 11: Personalize your design by adding embroidery or applique and ironing the garment to have a professional look.

3D Clothing Design Online Free

For 3D clothing design, there are, nevertheless, a few websites and applications that provide free samples or versions. Such as:

  • Nastix Design

Nastix Design is a cutting-edge application for clothing design enthusiasts. Their user-friendly best clothing design software is an invaluable resource for designers. With Nastix Design, crafting technical sketches has never been easier or more cost-effective. 

Image: Nastix Design for Design Clothes
Image: Nastix Design for Design Clothes
  • tg3D: Stylebook 3D Clothes Design Software

At tg3D, designers can create the design template, sync that template, assign fabrics, configure it into 3D clothes, and export the end products.

Image: Stylebook 3D Clothes Design Software
Image: Stylebook 3D Clothes Design Software


Without a doubt, we can say that digital design will play a significant role in fashion in the future. A dynamic and cutting-edge method that allows fashion designers to express their ideas with amazing efficiency and sustainability is digital clothing design. Using digital tools to create clothing gives designers like any of you new opportunities to create beautiful pieces with minimal waste. 

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