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Purchasing a brand new mattress for your home is nothing short of an investment. Think of it as investing in your well-being. High-quality mattresses are more on the expensive side as they are made using the best materials the market has to offer. While planning to purchase a mattress can be troublesome and often confusing as there are a lot of options to choose from, having detailed knowledge about various mattresses is going to help with this decision. 

It might be tough for people to find a mattress that works for them perfectly without testing it out beforehand. That is why it is important to have all the details needed to know about the mattress you are planning to purchase. 

Dreamfoam Mattress
Image of Dreamfoam Mattress

Today, we will be discussing the Dreamfoam mattress and the reviews it has gathered over the years from various customers. This mattress is ideal for lightweight and average-weight back sleepers and also for sleepers who prefer side sleeping throughout the night. The firmness of the mattress is medium and gets a 7 out of 10 rating. 

The Dreamfoam mattress is an all-foam mattress that is pretty popular all over the US. Keep reading the article to learn more on this topic. 

About Brooklyn Bedding

The Dreamfoam Essential is an all-foam mattress that comes in five height options and comes with several cooling features. The mattress is made by a popular online mattress brand Brooklyn Bedding, located in the US. This mattress is part of the brand’s more affordable line of mattresses as the price of this line is not high. Usually, the mattress comes with a ten-year warranty which ensures the quality of the material. 

Brooklyn Bedding
Homepage of Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding started their journey in 1995, by two brothers John and Rob Merwin. They often visited the factories to learn how to design a better mattress which is going to address various issues of their customers. Even though they opened a retail shop in the Phoenix Valley, the online business is what boosted their sales. At first, they started selling through Amazon and that was wildly successful. As the responses started picking up, they opened their website BrooklynBedding.com, and from then on, all the sales are conducted from this site. 

In 2008, John was the first in this industry to launch the bed-in-a-box concept. He has to invest a large sum of money, such as $135,000 in a machine that he bought from Italy. In March 2020, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary but soon after, it was struck with the worldwide pandemic. John Merwin immediately went working to transition a portion of his factory to produce masks for essential workers so that all of his workers were safe. This was because John was determined to develop a hospital bed prototype that was based on a proprietary trucking industry solution that he had invented 16 years back. 

Over the last two years, Brooklyn Bedding has doubled its production capacity as they have built a new 600,000-square-foot factory in Phoenix, Arizona. As a result, more mattresses could be designed and shipped directly to the customer’s doors. They also offer free shipping all over the US. You can also return your mattress after 120 nights after the mattress has been delivered if it does not suit you. However, there is a $909 return fee for all mattress returns and the returns are only eligible for one occasion. 

Reviews on the Dreamfoam Mattress. 

In this section, we will quote some of the reviews left by customers on the Dreamfoam Mattress. 

On 14th November, Marc J. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “The people at RV Mattress are professional and do everything they can to see that one gets the right mattress. I had to do an exchange, and that went very smoothly. My Dreamfoam Hybrid mattress is very comfortable and am sure I’ll have many years of great sleep with it. I’m in a Motor Home and it fits the space perfectly. It does take a couple of people to get it in and out of the packaging. I gave it 24 hours to do its thing before sleeping on it. All and all, I think it is the best, especially for the price and service of the company.”

Reviews on the Dreamfoam Mattress. 
Some Reviews on the Dreamfoam Mattress. 

·      On 5th November, Elizabeth F. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “Love it replaced the standard RV mattress with this one- why did we wait so long…. We have a Brooklyn Bedding mattress at home and they are both very comfortable!!!”

·      On 28th October, Mark J. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “We ordered our mattress for an extended RV trip that took us to Wyoming where one of my children just moved to, and as part of the trip, we were bringing some of his items to him. The mattress was supposed to arrive on Monday at his place. It was delivered two days early, normally not a problem, except we weren’t there yet, and it was left on the curb, nowhere near his Apartment door. Luckily, we knew people in his new town and had them grab it and hold it until we arrived. Again, the mattress itself is great, no complaints.”

·      On 28th July, Cristopher H. gave the mattress 4 out of 5 stars and wrote, “This bed was highly rated. It came to us and when we first opened it up it had a small scuff stain on it. (About 5 inches) It felt nice to the touch but you can’t sleep on it for 72 hours (expected and ok). When we finally did sleep on it, it felt ok but when I woke up (side sleeper) my back hurt. I felt there is always an adjustment period to a mattress so we have kept on sleeping on it. It has not got much better. It feels defective in some spots. Also, we got the biggest RV king and it is smaller than the one that came with the camper. I’m going to get a hold of them for the 120-day sleep guarantee.”

·      On 30th October, Robert N. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “This is the third Dreamfoam mattress we have purchased, and have been pleased with all of them!”

·      On 28th October, Cecilia D. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “I was very impressed by Brooklyn Mattress! We ordered an odd size mattress and it is wonderful! We got it very quickly and was packed very well. We set it up and had to check it out. It is beautiful and quite comfortable. I would definitely recommend this business.”

·      On 22nd October, Christine F. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “Love our new mattress! SO much nicer than the mattress that came in our RV. Shipped promptly, and arrived in a compact box. Opened the plastic wrapping in the camper, and the mattress unrolled and took shape in a matter of minutes. No weird smell, just great comfort.”

·      On 19th October, Stephen C. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “Perfect fit and comfort for our RV. Being only 105 lbs, you might think it would be of inferior quality but not so. Very well constructed, well designed, and as mentioned, very comfortable with good support. Very, very pleased with this mattress.”

·      On 5th October, Karyn H. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “We have been sleeping in our new mattress for about a month. No more achy hips and moving around all night trying to get comfortable. We like it. But I don’t see any difference with the “cooling effect”, we still get too warm occasionally.”

·      On 2nd October, Melissa A. gave the stars 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “We recently upgraded our toy hauler and hated the existing mattress after the first night. I remembered watching a YouTube channel and they mentioned RV mattress.com. I ordered one right away. After the first night, we knew we made the right decision. This mattress is perfect! Love it!”

·      On 28th September Michael K. gave the mattress 5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “Great improvement from our original mattress and additional 6 inch foam topper. Quite the surprise after seeing it all rolled up in a box, but it expanded and held my weight just fine. I averaged around 4 hours of sleep for the last couple of years, being’s we are full timers in our RV we decided to upgrade the mattress and see what happens. I now average over 6 hours of sleep! I would say that is an improvement.”

Final Words:

In total, the Dreamfoam mattress receives an overall score of 9.3 out of 10 whereas the customer satisfaction is also 9.3 out of 10. The price value of this mattress is also desirable as the range starts from $274 to $1499. The higher the amount you are willing to pay, the better the mattress quality you are going to receive. 

Overall, all the reviews left on the site and all-over different platforms on social media about this mattress have been very positive. This has led various customers to purchase this bedding. 

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